Acoustic foams (absorbing/diffusing)

Acoustic foams are porous sound-absorbing materials, absorbing sound through their open cells, which are interconnected.

If they were closed-cell, the air would not circulate inside them, therefore no sound absorption would occur.

The resistance of the passage of air through this type of foam is also the basis of acoustic foams.

We have many types of polyurethane foam, but only a few are really effective for acoustic issues, they have been specially manufactured for it.

There are two main groups of these acoustic foams and they are the polyurethane foams specially manufactured for it and the foams manufactured on the basis of melamine resin, known by the brand BASOTECT®, manufactured by BASF and that we have for its transformation.

Both groups are a good solution as acoustic foams, depending on the use and where they will be placed, your choice, for example if you want to install on the ceiling, a good choice would be the BASOTEC®, for its light weight and high effectiveness, due to its low density.

The first ones absorb the noise produced by the voices, the well-known reverberation, they are pieces designed to absorb the general frequencies of the voice, they are usually medium-high frequencies, in this case with little thickness of plate would be enough, on the contrary, if what we want is to improve the musical sound, we will need pieces with greater thickness and more complex shapes, with capacity to absorb the musical timbres, from the bass drum of a battery to the highest pitched sound of a violin, they are foams designed to absorb a greater spectrum of frequencies.

In OBIFORM, we have what you need, very special polyurethane foams, which are also self-extinguishing and even flame retardant (BASOTECT®), are materials that we have certified with the strictest standards in force.

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