Acoustic panels

First of all, PET -Polyethylene Terephthalate- is a plastic -polymer- with a multitude of uses, one of the most important being the manufacture of plastic bottles. However, it is a fully recyclable and environmentally-friendly material, generates little toxic smoke and does not emit toxic substances that pollute.

Once recycled, we can manufacture acoustic panels to absorb the noise of a room -the difference between sound and soundproofing is not to be confused-; In other words, we can adequately soundproof any premises such as bars, restaurants, offices, etc. with sound-absorbing panels made of PET, a porous, recycled and 100% fully recyclable material which fulfils this function very well and fits in both the acoustic and decorative function. In addition, it is an insulating material, does not absorb moisture, is anti-mildew and also fire resistant.

With PET, technical products are obtained with finishes to the customer’s liking, such as cloud-shaped, trees, acoustic panels, company logo, wall cladding, partitions, screens and a long etcetera. It is suitable for noise absorption and echo suppression.

PET is a material that can be cut to the shape requested and is available in various colours and thicknesses. It is placed without work, it is hung on ceilings, walls without stopping the activity in the premises or offices at all.

We offer a basic colour range with 4 shades. However, upon request, many more colours can be available, depending on the volume requested.

Range of colours:
PET Manufacturing Video:
PET in drawing:
Cut PET:
PET catalogue by Obiform.

Here you can be offered a standard catalogue related to both cutting and drawing and we can certainly manufacture any drawing and/or cut we are proposed. In fact, every single customer can design their own drawing and/or cut.

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