We have more than 3,000 m2 of operational factory, which allows us to meet all the demands of a market in continuous evolution, it is for this reason and to understand that our customers are our priority, we evolve technically and professionally, so we are equipping ourselves with the technical and personal resources necessary to meet any type of manufacturing, standard or special that is required from any industrial sector.

Our production lines are mainly focused on three sectors: industrial, comfort and special, being the first, the sector that generates the greatest diversity of products, such as those oriented to acoustics, automotive, packaging, hospital products and a long etcetera. Upholstery and also high quality mattresses continue to be of special relevance within our catalog.


In the development of our products we have taken special care and interest in using only products that meet the strictest current safety standards, both for people and for the environment, using only products covered under the REACH* and Oeko* certificates, so we can guarantee products free of chemicals banned by the strictest European legislation in force.

*REACH: European Union certificate, which guarantees that the chemical substances used in the manufacture of polyurethane foams are harmless to the health of citizens and do not harm the environment.

*Oeko – Standard 100: It is a certificate, perhaps the most demanded in the world, which guarantees that the polyurethane foam products, once manufactured, have been subjected to laboratory tests and have shown that they do not pose any danger to human health.

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