Thermal isolation Foams

Polyurethane foams in general are a good solution for thermal isolation, due to their low thermal conductivity, they are insulating materials in themselves with good performance, their use is multiple in various sectors such as construction and / or industrial. They are used in interiors, roofs and walls.

One of the best thermal and acoustic insulators are precisely the agglomerated polyurethanes (see section Agglomerated polyurethane sheets).

Conductivity comparison between materials:

  • Aluminum: 209.30
  • Glass: 1.00
  • Common brick: 0.80
  • Water: 0.98
  • Cork: 0.040
  • Polyurethane: 0.018

Materials with high thermal conductivity, transmit heat easily, materials with low thermal conductivity, do not do it as easily as we see in this table.

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