BASOTECT®, trade name with which its manufacturer (BASF) calls this type of melamine resin foam material, a fireproof material very appropriate for the acoustic sector for being an excellent insulator, due to its cellular structure (open) that absorbs sound waves, thus being a good sound absorber, eliminates echo and reverberation. The BASOTECT®, is a product that controls very closely to the noise, very effectively in active spaces.


BASOTECT® is usually glued to ceilings, but it can also be hung from them, forming very effective acoustic islands. With imagination and creativity, various compositions and/or configurations can be designed with BASOTECT® panels, they can also be painted in different colors, with special paints (fireproof and acoustic), they can be flocked (see section on flocking) achieving spectacular finishes.
Both flocking and painting are done with acoustically tested products (flock and paint).

The BASOTECT® is an ideal material for the acoustic absorption of reverberations, sometimes these reverberations are much stronger (multiple shocks of sounds) than the sound you really want to hear (music, voice, etc.) and thanks to the combination of the properties of this material, its performance is optimal for many premises of all types, such as cinemas, theaters, music halls, sports halls, restaurants, etc.

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