Reverberation is the worst enemy of a good sound system, in a restaurant, in a social club, in a theater, in a cinema, in sports facilities, etc., etc., etc., we speak many people at once, our words, in the form of waves, collide with the walls, on the ceilings, then bounce and all this makes that we can hardly understand each other and we must shout more and more …, the solution to this problem is relatively simple, we manufacture parts and panels specially designed to absorb sound, with polyurethane foam materials and / or BASOTECT®, (absorbers, diffusers, bass traps for the corners, etc.). All this to achieve the best possible sound for the event, to hear the music well, to hear a play better, to speak calmly in a restaurant, etc.


It is very important that the materials used for soundproofing are manufactured with foams specially made for this purpose, not just any type of foam would do, in addition and very important, it must be self-extinguishing foam, legally certified.
In OBIFORM, we have this type of materials.

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