Self-extinguishing Foams

In general, polyurethane foams burn to a greater or lesser extent, we cannot classify a polyurethane foam as flame retardant, but as self-extinguishing, this means that while there is flame contribution, the foam continues to burn, but when the flame is removed, it is extinguished, of course this happens only to foams that have previously been classified as self-extinguishing, It is also important to emphasize that the drops that come off the foams in flames, in the case of the self-extinguishing, jump off, not spreading fires, however the drops that come off the conventional foams, if they come out in flames, so they can easily spread a fire.

There are many and varied standards that classify this type of foams, depending on the use for which they are intended, one standard or another will be required, even some countries admit some standards and others do not accept them, that is, the same standard is sometimes not accepted by all countries, although in reality the foams are self-extinguishing, so it is important to know what standard is needed at all times.

In general, self-extinguishing foams are much more limited in variety than conventional foams, of course there is a wide range to cover all the assumptions, but at the same time is reduced precisely by the type of standard to be met, we insist, not all standards are accepted in all markets.

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