Anechoic Chambers

An anechoic chamber is a room specially designed to “study” the noise from any source and / or device, the pieces that cover both the walls and the ceiling and floor, must be made of very special polyurethanes, any type of foam would not be valid, this is very important, they must be polyurethanes with a specific air passage between its cells, must have an adequate density (neither too low nor too high), an adequate hardness and so on a long list of physical properties. In OBIFORM, we have this exclusive type of material, which must also be self-extinguishing, these parts can also be manufactured with BASOTECT® (see BASOTECT® section).

Normally the parts for anechoic chambers are manufactured in pyramidal shape, although they can be made in other shapes, the measures are dictated by the customer depending on the results to be obtained, acoustically speaking.



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